Friday, July 6, 2012

A teaching momemt missed...

There I was at the airport, again.  Sitting in the terminal waiting for my row to be called. all the while watching the long line of business people, couples, parents and their children line up waiting to board. It NEVER ceases to amaze me that in the year 2011 virtually one hundred years after the first passenger airline flight, travelers can't follow simple direction.  "Board when your row is called, have your tickets out of the folder and ready for inspection." How many times have we all heard that?  But WITHOUT fail there are always those getting in line early,cut in line as if we didn't notice them or those that do not have their tickets ready.  Or those that stand right BY the line waiting like somehow that is going to improve their process of boarding with the mass of people still waiting in line or on the Jetway.

Typically I am fortunate that I do not have to witness this demonstration of human "suffering" with the privilege of early boarding on many airlines, but not today.  Today, I sat, waited and observed.

I want to mention one particular observation, because this one incident as a dad trying to be a good global citizen and pass these virtues of community to his children can not be ignored.

While sitting in my well designed pleather seat I observed a family of four preparing to get in line. The two children, a girl of about 13 and her younger brother, lead the way, with mon and dad slowly following behind. Mom with a keen eye ( or least I assume so as I could not see her eyes behind the sunglasses she wore inside the terminal) on how long the line had become stopped in her tracks and stood pondering the situation.  The daughter noticing that her mother had stopped turned and said " Mom, are you coming? The line is over here. Shouldn't we go to the back of the line?"    Wow, I thought. This young girl was setting a great example for her little brother on how to be respectful and a good citizen. She took his hand and began to head to the end of the line.  Until her mother stated, "no just go in here," pointing to the front of the line.  The gitl stopped looked perplexed and ready to tell her mom that they should go to the back, thought better not to argue, put her head down and squeezed in with her brother, mother and father close behind.

I so wanted to jump up from my chait and tell her off. Tell her that her daughter had clearly made the right choice, a choice that she should have supported and reinforced instead you chose to lose that moment to provide a postive lesson. Instead chosing to teach that common courtesy and citizenship are to be cast away when not convienient.  Shame on you.

No matter how big or how small, we demonstrate to our children every moment of every day how to act. Parenting isn't easy, but doing the right thing really is not that hard.

Dad Said it's OK to go to the back of the line

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